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Pond Maintenance

If you own, or are the custodian of a pond or lake, I would welcome the opportunity to undertake a free initial survey to establish the extent of any remedial works that may be required.


I will carefully note the likely hydrology and ecology issues, then calculate the quantity of any silt reduction to resist natural recession, or any other works deemed necessary.


Using this information, I will formulate a plan to preserve all existing native flora and fauna, improve and diversify the existing habitats in and around the water body and remove any alien species.


If heavy equipment is necessary, then the lightest possible machinery will be used, usually no more than a tracked 1.5 tonne mini digger, for which I have developed an extended reach grab bucket for minimal disturbance with a reach similar to a 13 tonne excavator!

This allows me to service ponds of more than 15m diameter with the collateral damage of just a 1.5 tonne machine i.e. little more than pedestrian traffic and quickly recoverable.


I carefully plan the access points and check them for wildlife by hand before works are implemented. Similarly, the silt deposit areas are checked and stripped of turf and topsoil, for later relaying (the turf is even relaid by hand!).


In conclusion, I guarantee that my methodology is not only cost-effective but is extremely sensitive to wildlife and biodiversity, whilst satisfying all of your aesthetic dreams.


I support and abide by all the EU Bird and Habitats Directives and often wish our Countryside Protection authorities had even more resources to be more proactive and careful 'in the field' to save our wildlife areas.


Ponds are the prime inland biodiversity generators for the food chain, so let us work together to do our bit towards saving, at least, our countryside from species extinction that is currently at a level worldwide far beyond that of sustainability.

Thank you.


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