Lake & Pond Creation & Maintenance - bridging Ecology & Commerce


Clarity Ecoworks is committed to the proliferation of native aquatic plants in ponds and lakes, as a foundation for wildlife and improve biodiversity.


Whilst we appreciate the arguments for non-planting and for allowing a new, or refurbished, lake to colonise naturally, we believe that, where

possible, the desire to restore our wildlife balance can be assisted with the informed use of native, aquatic plant species. Invariably, this consists of token quantities that will have little or no ill effect upon the naturally colonising species of the area but will ensure that the disturbed and new wildlife enjoys floral biodiversity at an early stage.


To complement this approach, our designs usually include small areas of new

‘mudflat’ or shingle for the wildlife suited to those habitats too.


The provenance (area of origin) of each plant will be recorded wherever

possible to allow local, native, genetic species to be chosen and prevail in

each particular pond or lake, although this can be a complex and challenging

task to assure with complete confidence.


We will be propagating as many native species as possible for sale direct to

our clients, or in our voluntary projects.


Care will be taken, and quarantine measures taken, to ensure that our plants

are free from contamination by invasive species and in a healthy condition.


Propagation is achieved organically without synthetic chemical feeding

methods or pest control.


A small selection of non-native species will be propagated for specific

enclosed garden design purposes.


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