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New Ponds & Lakes

When it comes to new pond and lake construction,my attention to detail, clarity of design and project management will reassure you throughout the development. My land survey is combined with the design features in clear plans and sections, and even a photo-modified view from your favourite viewpoint can be supplied for a 'final view' to help you visualise the proposed lake before any start is made.


These drawings have, in the past, been central to my planning applications which have, to date, all been approved on first presentation. One of them even required an archaeological survey before the start.


Another required a geologist to watch the deep excavation for a 6m high dam foundation.

Yet another required under-lake springs to be dealt with to avoid later puncturing of the lake base with high water pressures. Therefore, you can be reassured that I am qualified and experienced to cope with any anomaly that arises during excavation, and build any culverts, spillways, landdrains, etc. that are found necessary to install.


Also, please do be aware that a lake development can seriously improve the market value of your property. One of my clients undertook property valuations before and after construction of a 2 acre lake and found a ten-fold return on his investment!


But let us concentrate on the beauty of a lake settled naturally into your property's topography, and enjoy the dogfighting dragonflies, graceful damselflies, flashing kingfishers, graceful herons, perky grey wagtails and, perhaps, even watch the courtship dance of Great Crested Newts in the Spring.


All this and more awaits you around your new pond from Clarity Ecoworks!

Thank you,

John Hayward

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