Lake & Pond Creation & Maintenance - bridging Ecology & Commerce


Clarity Ecoworks can undertake construction projects (up to two storeys), groundworks

(standard, cantilevered or piled foundations) and, of course, landscaping, and is committed

to the exploration of ecological design options for any construction project to:

a) embed biodiversity principles

b) minimise energy/material content and usage

c) propose ecobuild alternatives, such as lake source heating

d) coordinate design features to achieve maximise efficiency

e) minimise labour (remember: labour is energy too!)

f) minimise waste and transportation

g) re-use waste materials

For example:

a) divert surface water through a wildlife pond before going to the open SuDS

b) check design for multiplied and excessive safety factors to reduce carbon

footprint and cost

c) check design for over-priced high tech materials and whole-life carbon footprint

d) use local and/or low energy materials if possible

e) use innovative methods and equipment


In conclusion, we are more likely to ‘talk down’ a project instead of ‘talk up’, and therefore

reduce the cost and our income! Now that’s a breath of fresh air, isn’t it?


We endeavour to achieve the client’s aims, reduce the carbon footprint, improve the

biodiversity and still make a profit! Challenge us to do it for you!


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