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After witnessing the collateral damage sustained around most pond de-silting operations, and listening to BTCV lectures from some of the top ecologists in the country, such as Dr. Jeremy Biggs of the Freshwater Habitats Trust, Jon Bramley of Bramley Associates and others, I vowed to develop the equipment and techniques to ecologically undertake pond and lake work and to:


  1. preserve and maximise the existing biodiversity
  2. use the lightest possible machinery to minimise the usual collateral damage to wildlife around the pond edges, above and below ground
  3. survey for all sources of pollution and eradicate the same
  4. increase edge shallows for marginal growth and safety
  5. minimise waste and reuse cuttings to form waterside hibernaculae for insects and small mammals
  6. to identify and eradicate or control any invasive alien species
  7. preserve and relay any disturbed grass and topsoil to retain existing flora profile
  8. survey and control the hydrological features of the site to suit and mitigate for any flood risks
  9. survey and protect any historical, archaeological and geological aspects of the site
  10. do all I can to protect any vulnerable species on the site


In all, I will take the utmost care of your property and all of its surrounding trees, shrubs, flower borders and resident wildlife, and formulate a beautifully diverse aquatic environment, often this involves less work and expense than the usual heavy machinery operations, and a much faster recolonisation to full biodiversity.



Land surveyor, civil engineering technician, excavator operator (NPORS qualified to any machine weight),
bricklayer, Pond Warden and eternal student of Limnology!

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